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I started seeing Dr. Guo 2 years ago. She was recommended by a friend. I have a bad L5 disk and arthritis in my right shoulder from a sports injury. Although surgery repaired the original injury, arthritis has developed.

Dr. Guo has succeeded where traditional therapy failed to help. Her use of Chinese energy balancing and muscle massage and manipulation has relieved my pain and improved strength and range of motion. She does not do the “bone cracking” associated with some other chiropractors.

She taught me massage techniques I do myself. One technique is deep massage if my solar plexis, where many energy meridians flow. Daily massage has increased my energy and my waist decreased from a 36 to 34 and is flat and strong.

Each visit I also have an acupuncture treatment. I have a digestive issue and the acupuncture has helped me stay asymptomatic. The acupuncture energy balancing treatment for insomnia works wonders. Deep, heathy sleep returns that evening.

I am a firm believer in Chinese and Eastern medicine. Western medicine only treats the affected part, Chinese medicine treats the whole body.

John W.

I was fortunate to find Dr. Guo back in 2007. I had developed severe upper back and neck pain with muscle spasms. During the course of a year, Dr. Guo meticulously worked to relax the muscles in my upper back and move my spine back into alignment.

I first tried an orthopedic surgeon who prescribed physical therapy that had limited results. The surgeon’s only other option was surgery. I then started seeing chiropractors in my home town of Grand Rapids, MI. The standard “western” method my home town chiropractors used involved “snapping” the neck which was unsettling at best. The chiropractor eventually refused to treat my neck when an MRI revealed disk degeneration. In fact, the chiropractor I was seeing made my condition worse.

An extended business trip to Downers Grove was going to prevent me from seeking treatment for my neck condition. Since I was spending so much time in Downers Grove, I decided to find a chiropractor there and found Dr. Guo.

Dr. Guo has developed her own method for chiropractic treatment that I have found to be far superior to the standard western methods. Her treatment involves restoring the balance between muscles and bone alignment. In my case, degenerating disk put pressure on nerves, which caused back and shoulder muscles to spasm. This spasm pulled the spine out of alignment, causing more nerve pressure and further muscle spasms. Dr. Guo was able to identify the tight muscles, often without me telling her which ones were bothering me. She then worked to relax the muscles and gently move the spine back into alignment. Her method of adjustment involves pushing bones back into alignment and relaxing muscles that are pulling the bones out of alignment in the first place.

Dr. Guo’s method involves spending far more time with the patient compared to the standard western chiropractic techniques. She takes the time necessary to properly identify the cause of a back pain condition and apply the proper treatment. Since her method does not involve neck snapping, I have found her treatment to be far safer and free from the nervousness one has anticipating the neck or back snap other chiropractors use. As with any type of physical therapy, there might me some discomfort while Dr. Guo works on the muscles.

Dr. Guo was able to fully relieve my pain. I’m currently not making as many business trips to Downers Grove as I use to. However, I still travel 400 miles round trip to see Dr. Guo once or twice a month as part of a maintenance program to keep my neck condition under control.

John P.

I’ve had headache problems for as long as I can remember. When the pain hits, it is difficult to perform any tasks because I would not be able to concentrate. The pain used to occur two to three times per week. I had never bothered to see a doctor about it because my mother also has headache problems so I thought it was merely a genetic issue. I used to try to sleep it off. Being a naturalist, I reserve painkillers as a last resort, but then the pain became so bad that I could not fall asleep with it anymore and I frequenttly had to reach for the bottles in the nightstand.

So a friend recommended Dr. Guo. During the first session, she told me that a slight dislocation of several vertebrae on my spine have contributed to the problem. She focused her treatment on my head, neck, and the top half of my spine. It was an extremely painful hour which almost made me hesitate to go back, but that following night I’d slept and woken up feeling much much better. I could not feel the pressure that used to be on the top of my head and tie up muscles on my neck anymore. I had gone back for more treatments and occasionally Dr. Guo would also pass on exercise and massaging tips for me to work on myself at home. My headache has not been completely subsided, but it only visits once every one or two months now, which is a drastic decrease considering the non-functional days I used to have and I am so grateful.

So thank you, Dr. Guo, for giving me so many pain-free days to enjoy. Not to mention, thank you also for your patient and caring personality, peaceful treatment room environment, the music, and your amazing handwork that make every visit (and the days following it) so pleasant!

(Oh and I also love the heating pads put on my back at the end of every treatment session! :))

Allison Kong

I lack the vocabulary to express strongly enough just how pleased I am to have found Dr. Guo. My parents began seeing Dr. Guo on a regular basis and suggested that I visit her for help with my chronic back pain. I was instantly sold as she helped to immediately decrease the severity of my pain.

At the time I was a student at Northern Illinois University and I began scheduling three appointments per week with her. I was driving 50 miles each way, 300 miles a week just to see her. After that I moved to New Orleans for a year but when I came back into town to visit she was one of the first people I saw.

I’m now living back in Downers Grove but travel to south Texas for work in an oil field. I work 28 straight days there and spend 14 days in Downers Grove. It is not at all uncommon for me to be picked up from the airport and dropped off at my place, only to hop right in my car to see Dr. Guo for help with my back pain. She is always able to dissolve away the pain in my back and neck in a visit or two.

With her understanding of western and Chinese medicine, she is able to attack such a wide variety of symptoms from an equally wide variety of angles. The medical degree she earned while living in China, her outstanding knowledge of chiropractic care and her talents as an acupuncturist make her far more than just a chiropractor.

It was immediately obvious to me that she genuinely cares for her patients in a way I have never experienced anywhere else. After my first visit, when my parents asked what I thought, I explained “It was as if she had peeled the skin right off of me and was able to see exactly where I was hurting and why.” Through her use of Tui Na massage Dr. Guo was able to work out knots in my muscles that were causing me tremendous pain, knots I was unaware I even had. I can honestly say that I can’t even imagine what I would do without her. Western medicine would have me on severe pain killers, muscle relaxers and maybe even a surgery or two.

I would recommend her to anyone, anytime. My sincerest thank you to Dr. Guo, see you in a week or so!

Daniel B.

I was experiencing severe back and knee pain for 8 months after taking a bad fall. Twice weekly I was going to physical therapy and had to take a medical leave of absence from work before being referred to Dr. Guo.

Dr. Guo’s approach is unlike any other I have seen. She uses Tui Na, a hands on body treatment that uses Chinese Taoist principles to bring the body back to balance. She could feel the exact muscles, tendons, ligaments and vertebrae that were causing the pain. Within two weeks of her treatment I was able to return to work and go back to living without pain!

No Orthopedic Doctor, Chiropractor or Physical Therapist could alleviate my pain. I am so thankful to have found Dr. Guo and highly recommend her!

Martha Zoomis

I have been a patient of Dr. Guo’s for several years. She successfully relieved my chronic back, shoulder and neck pain and restored my range of motion permitting me to turn my head so that driving is no longer the challenge that it once was. I am now on a maintenance schedule to stay pain free.

I received spine snapping Western-style chiropractic care for years. Dr. Guo’s approach is unique; using a targeted therapeutic massage to loosen the muscles and manipulate the vertebrae and ribs back to proper alignment. By relieving muscular tension these dislocations are eliminated and the adjustments last longer.

I’m so glad I am a patient here!

T. J. Seidler

I was in pretty bad shape before I visited Dr. Guo, constantly calculating my every move to avoid injuring my back. It was so bad that I had to roll out of bed on to the floor. I have been getting treatment for my lower back, upper back and neck from Dr. Guo and what a difference it has made!

Within three treatments while following her other recommendations for quick recovery, I am no longer afraid to bend my back or pick up heavier things. It is so nice to be free of pain and my frequent headaches vanished through her manipulation technique.

I also suffered from very strong and frequent hot flashes that were miserable and prevented me from sleeping at night. Dr Guo was able to rid me of that misery in just a few treatments and what a relief that was! I now have a restful sleep and the hot flashes are completely gone.

Unlike other doctors, Dr. Guo really listens to your problems and her number one priority is to make you as pain free as possible. I highly recommend Dr. Guo for she has made my quality of life so much better.

Thank you very much Dr. Guo!

Marija Mills

Dr. Guo has an impressive, effective and caring approach to healing. Her expertise in Chinese Medicine practices and knowledge of Western Medicine place her ahead of many healthcare providers.

Dr. Guo treats her patients by focusing on the whole person, not just a physical symptom. I go to her with full confidence that she will treat me to the best of her ability and with a genuine concern for my total well-being. She is a healer, teacher and mentor.

Dr. Guo has helped me greatly, with the back/hip/leg pain that come with lifelong Scoliosis. Also with her help, I am sleeping better and losing my “middle-age spread”!

Sandra Nied

Dr. Guo helped me with both my knees and my back. For my knees, she loosened tendons, re-attached ligaments, and softened the underside of the knee cap. For my back, she located several deep spasms that were causing my entire body to be out of balance. After getting my back into balance, my whole posture changed for the better and my knees felt great!

I am very grateful for all her help. Now I feel comfortable walking and feel generally happier.

Thank you!

Elizabeth Larkin

I have been coming to Dr. Guo for about 11 months for back problems and hot flashes. Both problems were very bad and interfering with my sleep and daily routine. Dr. Guo has been successful in completely stopping my hot flashes, improving my sleep and making my neck and back feels much better. She cares about her clients and knows how to address many different health issues. I have tried other ways to address these problems in the past and have found Dr. Guo’s methods to be the most helpful.

Beth Gulczynski

I’ve dealt with back problems for over thirty years dating back to a severe fall playing basketball in college. In addition, I worked for 25 years in a labor union that added to my discomfort. I sought treatment from several different chiropractors and added a stretching program to my daily routine. My progress was continually set back either from work or discomfort relating to my adjustments. By the time I hit 50 years old, I was just about incapacitated. I couldn’t bend down without a great deal of pain, sit for very long, sleep or get out of bed. A round of golf was an exercise in pain and futility. Subsequently, frustration then depression set in. Back spasms were a common occurrence, and routine yard work was out of the question.

Then my wife, who is a licensed massage therapist, referred me to Dr. Guo. She convinced me that Dr. Guo’s technique was different than any other chiropractor that I had been to. She could manipulate my vertebrae through massage without any back cracking and the adjustments would become permanent because the strained muscles would no longer pull the bones out of place.


I’m back to doing things I thought I could no longer do. I even played some basketball again (my wife wasn’t too thrilled with that one). I now feel better than I have in 15 years. I continue to go for treatments and am continuing to improve. Dr. Guo is a very special woman and I’m very grateful I found her.

Jim Lydon, 51 years old

I’m an international humanitarian photographer and was diagnosed with an extremely rare type of leukemia (chronic eosinophilic) in 2007 from which many complications arose, namely the death and collapse of bone tissue in my left hip (avascular necrosis). I couldn’t walk without pain and had to rely on crutches which affected my work because, well, it’d be difficult to get to remote mountain villages in Afghanistan with a bad hip. That all changed when I met Dr. Guo, though.

Over the following months, Dr. Guo painstakingly reworked all the muscles that had become grossly misaligned from the sudden shortening of my left leg. It was an EXTREMELY painful process but definitely worthwhile because I am now able to walk again without intense, debilitating pain.

Once I “got my leg back,” I went back out into the field and have since worked in Cambodia, India and Egypt. I still see Dr. Guo regularly when I’m back home in Chicago and she is tirelessly working to keep my condition in check so I can go back out there again.

Thank you, Dr. Guo!

Ivan Lo

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